ThetaHealing® is a method that allows us to transform our lives by allowing us to transform all the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

Never feel unable to create the life you desire, ever again...

Changing our minds...

ThetaHealing® is a unique method in which you can clear trauma directly and transcend limiting beliefs of your subconscious mind in order to live a more joyous, fulfilling, healthy life, free from old past habits and patterns.

During Theta our brain is at the best possible point to create changes. It is the brain waves during the dream phase of our sleep, deep meditation and daydreaming

Based on quantum physics and the fact that we are all energy,the reality we experience is actually a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. By entering theta wave cycle we can change these, create and even download feelings and states which are close to our heart. Working from a heart center and in the purest form of love, we co-create and command these changes to take place. These methods can be used by everyone, every age, race, creed or religion, as long as we are willing for these changes to take place and understand that we are all inter connected by a universal energy.

What can Theta Healing®, do for you...

Emotional Well Being

Don't wrestle for years to

clear trauma and to create the relationships you desire. Do it now! Discover your deepest hidden beliefs and change the things that serve you no more!

 Abundance and Prosperity

Find what is holding you back and change it!

Create the life you have always desired!

Discover the limitless possibilities of your creativity!


Unlock your intuitive potential and recognize truth. Attract the mate of your true desires and maintain a loving and fulfilling relationship
Improve relationships with your children, family and friends and know how and when to end any and all toxic relations.

"...when you start working with her, you don't want to end..."

Yora is the meaning of Healer! She is so intuitive and clairvoyant... We had a couple of sessions and I didn't want to end working with her. She "saw" things in my subconscious that I could never imagine they existed.   

Since working with her, I see things differently, I feel so much more confident and I am more positive than ever before. I no longer want to hide from the world!

I feel so blessed that I met her and have her as my guide toward my inner evolution...

- Natassa Fonazaki - Raw Food Coach  (Athens, Greece)

What happens in a Theta Healing Session...

It is scientifically proven that theta brain wave frequency enables us to release stress, clear our minds and increase our creativity.

In our session I will guide you, educate you and work with you to your highest potential to clear through trauma and find the deepest subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. You won’t have to wrestle for years to find how to change and co create your desired reality. All you need to do is be present and willing to make these changes.

As we conscientiously connect to theta frequency and to the love centered universal energy, we realize the deepest roots of our problems and start to change them. It is proven scientifically that even our DNA can change through words and energy. As we co-create our new reality we are ready to teach ourselves new feelings and experiences such as the true meaning of joy, contentment, love, optimum health and many many more.

What you can actually achieve...

  • Obtain instant results without hours of meditation and therapy
  • dissolve limitations and embrace success in your personal and business life
  • decide on the relationship and soul mate you actually desire and deserve and attract that person in your life
  • heal lifelong struggles with family or other toxic relationships
  • heal (dis)ease that has been created by previous beliefs, achieve optimum health always in coordination with the methods you have chosen
  • heal deep emotional issues and physical issues, including trauma, fears and abuse
  • find your creativity and create joy in your life
  • co-create abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life
  • and much much more

"...she made me feel comfortable and was a joy to work with...."

Yora is great! I had two sessions with her where she was able to expose and reprogram a couple of my blocks; Limiting beliefs holding me back that I didn't even know I had! She made me feel comfortable and was a joy to work with!

Since doing this I feel more confident moving forward with my business and am ready to move to a new level! Would love to continue working with her and highly recommend her sessions to anyone ready to let go of their limits and thrive! 

- Andrea Kaye Shiva  (Pennsylvania, USA)


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