I invite you to join me  in facilitating  the changes you desire...    Let’s find what is holding you   back and work with it in   all 4 bodies or each one  separately!

Never feel alone, desperate or helpless, ever again...


Spiritual Card Readings

Do you want to know where your life is heading with the choices you are making at the moment?

Then you are at the right place!

Let's chat and let the cards be the medium to guide you to the correct choices...

Theta Healing Sessions

You can change every aspect of your life, by just changing your subconscious limiting beliefs.

As a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner I will guide you in experiencing a healthy life, free of old patterns, trauma and limiting behaviors!

4BodyFit™ Online Program

Having been trained as a 4BodyFit™ Yoga Therapist and Empowerment Coach, I utilize knowledge that will affect your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. Using methods including yoga, meditation, theta, mudras, divination and more I will create the perfect program for you individually that will empower, heal, guide and rebuild the new you!

Empowerment is a word derived from a Greek word meaning

‘pulling forth what is already within you‘!

- Sierra Bender -

Customer stories

Sierra BenderB4BodyFit Institute  www.sierrabender.com

Yora’s  super natural gifts of empath and intuition makes her an amazing guide and teacher. She is your beacon of light  to help you  navigate through any obstacles that stop you from living your life to it’s true potential personally and professionally.  

- Sierra Bender Founder of 4 Body Fit™ Institute, author of Goddess to the Core. 

Andrea Shive • Self-employed

Yora is great! I had two sessions with her where she was able to expose and reprogram a couple of my blocks;  She made me feel comfortable and was a joy to work with! Since doing this I feel more confident moving forward with my business and am ready to move to a new level! Would love to continue working with her and highly recommend her sessions to anyone ready to let go of their limits and thrive!

John TsantikosRetiree 

I met Theta Healing through my wife, but it intrigued me as I saw her change, being more confident, as if I met a better self. I tried for myself with another healer and then I tried with Yora. It was truly an amazing experience... She saw everything in me with her unique intuitive eye and she explained everything with simple but powerful words. I recommend her to everyone who really need to change things in his life!

Healing of all your 4-bodies can improve every aspect of your life...

Invest in what's real. Heal as you go. Make it one step at a time. It doesn't have to be complicated.                         Simplify your life, think less, change your beliefs, make better choices...